Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact Foundation (AIPP)

The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) is a regional organisation conceived by indigenous peoples organisations in 1988 to strengthen the process of building cooperation and solidarity among indigenous peoples of Asia. It is committed to the cause of promoting human rights; protecting and revitalizing indigenous systems and institutions and their control over their ancestral homelands and their own development and future. The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) was officially established in April 1992. Through the years, AIPP developed a range of programs in response to the needs and challenges of indigenous peoples of Asia. Its key activities are related to capacity building of indigenous organisations, communities and leaders, information dissemination, advocacy and lobby work at the local and national levels through its members and network, and at the regional and international levels, particularly with United Nations mechanisms.

The general programs of AIPP are Information Dissemination; Capacity Building mainly through the Indigenous Community Organizing and Leadership Training (ICOLT); Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity Protection (running the Collaborative Management Learning Network on co-management of protected areas with indigenous communities); Human Rights Campaign, Policy and Advocacy; Indigenous Development; Women Empowerment; and Youth program. The implementations of these programs are coordinated by the AIPP full time secretariat based in Chang Mai, Thailand.

With more than a decade of program implementation at various levels and leaders with good track records, AIPP has gained recognition and acknowledgement in various fields of expertise including capacity building, building cooperation and solidarity through networking, regional and international advocacy and lobby work on the rights of indigenous peoples, traditional knowledge and Bio-diversity protection among others.

As a regional organisation, AIPP has a governance structure with the AIPP General Assembly (GA) as the highest decision making body, composed of representatives of member-organisations. At present, AIPP has 28 active members from 14 countries, including four national indigenous alliances. AIPP has received funding from a number of donors, including: IWGIA, ICCO Netherlands, Suedbio, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), European Commission, and cooperated with UN agencies such as the UNDP. AIPP is one of IWGIA long-term strategic partners in Asia and the two organisations have worked closely on various issues over the past years. 



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