International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change

IIPFCC opening statement on AWG-LCA 14, April 6, 2011

AWG-LCA - Intervention 


April 5, 2011 Bangkok, Thailand

Read by: Nanta Mpaayei, Tebtebba Foundation

Representatives of Indigenous Peoples from all over the world attending this climate change talks collectively note with appreciation the reference made under the AWG-LCA of the Cancun Agreement on indigenous peoples. These are our long standing demands such as the respect for our rights including those contained in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; the need for our full and effective participation; recognition and protection of our traditional knowledge as a basis for generating effective solutions to climate change. We also note the call under the REDD Plus Agreement that there is a need to address the drivers of deforestation land tenure issues and gender considerations.

The need to establish an information system which will look into how the environmental, social and governance safeguards are going to be addressed in all phases of REDD plus is crucial for us. We firmly believe that if the safeguards for REDD plus and the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities are not respected in REDD the chances for failure are great. We therefore urge all the Parties to the Convention who are REDD countries to work together with us to establish this information system at the global and national levels. We are pro-actively preparing the baselines and indicators which are indigenous and gender-sensitive and we will be submitting this to the SBSTA for their consideration in the forthcoming meetings. We call on the AWG-LCA or the SBSTA to convene at the earliest time possible expert workshops which will develop the guidance, guidelines and methodologies which will be used for these information systems.

We believe that real solutions to climate change must be based on upholding environmental integrity, an ecosystems approach, social equity and justice, and respect of human rights, including the rights of indigenous peoples.  We further call on the AWG-LCA to ensure the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples through;

a) Putting an indigenous representative as a member of the Boards of the Green Climate Fund and the Adaptation Fund Board.

b) Ensuring that REDD Plus Multistakeholder Bodies established at the national levels should include indigenous peoples’ representatives.

c) Including indigenous peoples’ experts as members of expert bodies established by the UNFCCC.

d) Obtaining the free ,prior and informed consent of indigenous peoples when climate change projects and policies which have a direct impact on them and their territories are being developed and implemented.

Thank you Mr. Chairperson.

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