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Myanmar's Climate Change Commitments and Indigenous Peoples' Rights

Myanmar is knonw for its cultural and biological diversity, with a long coastline, four river basins, and the forests covering the drier of the country and the mountainous regions along the borders it shares with India, China, Laos, Thailand and Bangladesh. The Country is known for its rich endowment of  natural resources, including natural teak forests, jade, minerals, and oil and natural gas. Ethinic groups living in Myamnar include Karen, Kachin, Chin, Shan, Kayah,  Mon and many others. After decades of civil war, authoritarian rule , and international isolation, and recent years Myanmar has been undertaking a political and economic transition, including holding elections in 2015. 

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Download this file (Nationally Determined Commitment-Recommendation, Myanmar,.pdf)NDC Recommendation 2017, Myanmar [Myanmar\'s NDC Recommendation ]1603 kB