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State of the World's Forests 2016 (SOFO)

Forests and agriculture: land use challenges and opportunities

Serial Title: State of the World's Forests
Year of publication: 2016
Publisher: FAO
Pages: 125 p.
Job Number: I5588
Country: Costa Rica; Georgia; Viet Nam; Tunisia; Gambia; Ghana; Americas
Agrovoc keywords:forest land use; degraded forest land; agricultural landscape; landscape conservation; forest cover; food security; forestry policies; sustainable forest management; Costa Rica; Georgia; Viet Nam; Ghana; Gambia; Tunisia;

Forests and trees support sustainable agriculture. They stabilize soils and climate, regulate water flows, give shade and shelter, and provide a habitat for pollinators and the natural predators of agricultural pests. They also contribute to the food security of hundreds of millions of people, for whom they are important sources of food, energy and income. Yet, agriculture remains the major driver of deforestation globally, and agricultural, forestry and land policies are often at odds.

The State of the World’s Forests (SOFO) 2016 shows that it is possible to increase agricultural productivity and food security while halting or even reversing deforestation, highlighting the successful efforts of Costa Rica, Chile, the Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Tunisia and Viet Nam. Integrated land-use planning is the key to balancing land uses, underpinned by the right policy instruments to promote both sustainable forests and agriculture.

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