We welcome the Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 35/PUU-X/2012 that has partially accepted the Appeal for Judicial Review on the Forestry Law No. 41 of 1999

The Decision of the Constitutional Court states that “Customary Forests are forests that are located in the territories of indigenous peoples.” The Decision confirms the rights of indigenous peoples to more than 40 million hectares of customary forests.

Therefore, we, the civil society who have been actively involved in fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples to customary forests, land, territories and natural resources, declare the following:

1. We urge the Indonesian Government to immediately implement the Decision of the Constitutional Court, including the settlement of conflicts related to customary forests and natural resources in the territories of indigenous peoples.

2. We urge the President to grant amnesty to indigenous peoples who are engaged in a legal processes or who have been convicted and jailed pursuant to the Forestry Law Number 41/1999.

3. We urge the adoption of Laws concerning The Recognition and Protection of  the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (PPHMA).

We, the civil society, will collaborate with AMAN and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to ensure fulfillment of rights of indigenous peoples to customary forests in Indonesia.

Jakarta, 27 May 2013

Indonesian Civil Society for Customary Forests

Source: AMAN